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Elk Commission Logo The Alberta Elk Commission (AEC) is an association of individuals, farms and corporations actively supporting and developing the elk farming industry in Alberta.
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Alberta Pulse Growers Commission is a non-profit organization based in Leduc that supports Alberta farmers who grow pulses, including dried peas, beans, chickpeas, lentils, soybeans and faba beans.
Fresh & Frozen Elk Meat, Elk Antler, Elk Hides
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We are a portable welding company CWB certified. We do anything from shutdowns to rig repairs and fabricating, equipment repairs just give us a call we're there for you.
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Arctic Ground Solutions Logo Arctic Ground Solutions provides heating a thawing equipment to Alberta. Our diesel fueled equipment is fast, reliable, and environmentally friendly. We provide full installation and operating...
As an authorized Telus dealer, you know we have the latest phones and the best calling and data plans available, in addition, we offer flexible, affordable Internet, home phone and Optik TV plans and...
587-920 6471
contact logo Contact Instruments provides hydraulic and electronic solutions for all of your drilling instrumentation needs. Overmolded Cable Assemblies, Hydraulic and Electronic Instrumentation. All Contact...
Horneman Auctions is a family owned and operated auctioneer for farm, commercial, industrial, and Real Estate auction sales.
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Leduc Buy and Sell Logo TownPost has been serving the City of Leduc and surrounding area since 2013 when they launched in the Leduc and Beaumont area. This has been the best place to buy and sell items locally without...
ARTS, CULTURAL & HISTORICAL GROUPS ALBERTA LEGACY DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY (Leduc Grain Elevator) Mail: 5209 – 47 St, Leduc, AB, T9E 7K7Phone: (780) 980-2679 (elevator)...
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Mission: In business for business. Vision: Regarded and respected as the proactive business voice and leader of our region.
We specialize in renting rig mats in Edmonton and for a wide variety of industries throughout Alberta. Because we have multiple yards, we are able to keep a high inventory of access mats, swamp mats...
ATV Powersports/Small engine services located right in Leduc. No need to take your toys all the way to the city. Your local horsepower and performance specialists. We do everything from mild to wild,...
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TV Services We our proud to offer the future of TV. This product is a great for families, people who like to travel, people who work in camps & someone looking for a better selection. We offer more movies We...
Rockbox Structures Logo Rockbox Structures is pleased to offer the following containers in Alberta. If you have a question about a size not listed below please contact our sales department and they will be happy to assist...
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Sherwood's Forests Logo We specialize in midsize trees -- big enough to miss with the mower, small enough to plant with a shovel. Most of our customers are acreage owners wanting to turn their mud flat into a park, get some...