Alberta's Best Fake News

Sean Amato from CTV Edmonton has broken the news that upwards of 24 students staged a walkout demonstration Monday, furious that masks have been outlawed by the authoritarian regime in Alberta.
The Kenney government is working with banking institutions and parents in the province to freeze the bank accounts and allowances of any kids involved in the riot.

No news yet if riot police will be sent in to break up this occupation.
There is widespread public outrage as provinces across Canada are lifting Covid 19 restrictions, mask mandates and removing proof of vaccination requirements.
Residents are particularly furious that these premiers are banning masks, sick days, and hand washing.
Legal experts say it might not be possible to ban citizens to not wash their hands.
Alberta's Premier, Jason Kenney, who's government has extended emergency powers and broadened powers as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic is now showing concern about the Federal government using emergency powers.
The Alberta UCP and Kenney government was happy to have health inspectors harass small businesses and churches with their new self-appointed powers, are now concerned that the Trudeau government might do the same.

Who could have ever seen this coming?
In 2020 Premier Jason Kenney who's Government amended the the Alberta Emergency Act (Bill 13) to extend Emergency Powers including "allows the Minister to make an order that is enforceable as an offence for any powers that are not explicitly listed.
Kenney's government, who used these broad powers for the "noble" purpose of "protecting the public" and arresting those who protested the restictions, is now suing the Trudeau government who invoked the emergencies act to "protect the public" from protesters.