Alberta Rant and Rave

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The Problem
There is a growing concern in Alberta, as well as the rest of Canada, that the big tech companies based in the United States are monopolizing the internet. Retailers in Alberta are losing the battle to Amazon and other big e-commerce businesses.

Current Situation
Provincial and Municipal Governments often pay lip service to "diversifying the economy" and "economic development" but do they recognize the need to support internet-based businesses based in Alberta? There are legitimate local startups that are looking to contribute to the new economy, all they need is a little recognition and for the Government to stay out of the way.

Our Purpose
To educate the Alberta Government and Albertans about this new economy and tell them about businesses that are innovating as well as issues hurting Alberta's business community.

We seek to rave about local companies and local online businesses to help them get the word out and grow.

We will often rant about policies or oversights that are preventing Alberta startups from thriving.