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    Does Alberta need its own Social Network?
    Yes. We believe that tech giants having a monopoly on social networks globally is a bad idea. In fact, we strongly believe that the future of the internet is local. Our mission is to create a local social network to allow Albertans to share information, post locally relevant information, and advertise to a local audience.
    How is it possible to create an Alberta Social Network?
    We believe it's possible, but not easy. The current social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are ingrained into our culture, media, and government. It's difficult to find a news story that does not reference or promote a page or news story that originated from Facebook or Twitter.  With that said, we believe it can be done using technology and innovation that has already been proven.
    Open Source
    It's counter-intuitive but for localized social networks to form there needs to be more than one project to prove the concept.  Using an open-source philosophy multiple towns, areas, and communities could have their own local social network. Sites like TownPost have already proven this can work to create a viable buy and sell marketplace.
    There are many advantages when you are on Facebook and own the whole network with billions of dollars, especially with an army of Facebook Group admins willing to work for free.  But where there is centralization and a monopoly, there is always room for small innovative entrepreneurs to fill in where the behemoths fail. With a de-centralized model, there is more room for local customizations, auctions, and partnerships with local community organizations or municipal governments.
    Shared Profits - Co-operative Model
    We believe there is also an opportunity to use the Co-op model, which is well known in Alberta, to establish a " Community-Owned and Operated" design. Imagine if residents, businesses, local governments, and community organizations all owned a stake in this new social network. Instead of businesses spending money on Facebook ads that immediately leaves  Canada, revenue could be reallocated to the local marketplace and used to promote to surrounding communities. The " Group Admins" would actually earn something for their time, as well as anyone else investing time and energy into building the network up.
    Small Local Social Networks are Inevitable
    It's likely that local social networks are going to emerge if there truly is a need for them. Cryptocurrencies are a great modern example of how this can work currently on the internet. It started with Bitcoin just a few years ago and now there are hundreds or thousands of startups creating their own crypto projects. The competition will be fierce, many of these sites will fail to launch or struggle to get traction but eventually, some will rise above the rest and create a proof of concept for other communities.

    Do you think building an Alberta Social Network is possible? Maybe you want to be a part of it or start your own?  Send an e-mail to general support at albertadirectory.org@gmail.com including your name and a brief note about why you are interested in this concept.