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Lloydminster's success lies in many areas, starting with farming, on which the city was founded. With the discovery of oil, the city started its rapid growth, and the industry continues to dominate the economic landscape. However, Lloydminster's economy is quite diverse, with established bases in the technology and services fields, as well as their growing commercial and industrial sectors. Lloyd has become a regional base, serving the surrounding areas with its comprehensive list of services. The Lloydminster campus of Lakeland College provides residents and non-residents with opportunities to further their education, while ensuring a well-trained workforce for years to come. The college, along with it's medical, recreational, commercial and retailing services, all make this a great place to live and do business.

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Lloydminster TownPost is a free classified publication for residents to list used items, real estate, as well as local news and events. This is a community-focused portal seeking to create an alternative service to the American owned Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace sites. It has grown exponentially over the last several years expanding to Cold Lake, Beaumont, and the rest of Alberta.

Spinoff Site in Saskatchewan

After several years of fast expansion in the province of Alberta, the team launched Sask Post, a Saskatchewan based site for Saskatoon, Regina, and small towns across the province.

Website: https://townpost.ca/buysell/lloydminster

TownPost and Sask Post are very popular among rural farming communities and hunters.

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Thurs. 11-5...............THE LLOYDMINSTER OUTDOOR FARMERS MARKET" @ the parking lot of the Lloydminster Cultural and Science Center (MUSEUM). Highway 16 East and 45 AVE, .....

Our vendors will be:
-FLINT honey
-Homemade Pies
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** Lloydminster resident targetted by "Canada Border Agency" scam **

But RAVE to FLOWERS ON THE FLY BY AUDINA…. I won a $75 gift card for some flowers a few weeks ago at the diamond and denim gala…. Anyways, I forgot my card to prove I won… I called her and let her know, she said no problem just send a picture of it later if you find it. I left work early to make her studio closure at 5 in Lloyd…. I wanted to get my mom flowers just as a gift… & I planned to get her a cake aswell just as a I love you gift… so I work at a health centre 30mins out of Lloyd….. I rushed into town I was almost in Lloyd and I got a call from “Canada Border Agency” they said I was being charged for drug trafficking and multiple bank accounts open under my name… I have a warrant for my arrest, I started bawling my eyes and when the call failed I called my mom quick and told her I’m being charged for drug trafficking I was hysterical… crying I’m a good person and that the cops were calling back and I’d call her back after…. So they called back and I was crying telling them I never done a drug in my life and I have small children at home, i would never traffic drugs internationally, I work at a place where we deal with mental health and addictions and I’m a good person. I was so scared…. They said a package arrived at the border going international with drugs in it from my name and address…. They said we will begin a investigation and they got my local police dept to call me…. because I started to get a little sceptical… SO!!! ACTUAL NUMBER 13063445550!!!!!! I REPEAT…they used THE ACTUAL LOCAL POLICE STATION NUMBER to call me !!! They gave me their name, badge number, case/file #… I wrote everything down… they said I owe $1000 to lift my warrant and I believed them because mind you I never had a charge in my life and don’t know how it works!!! So I pulled out cash and then they said to go to a local secure key machine and pay there… I said why? I can just go to Lloyd Police Dept im almost in Lloyd anyways, they said no you pay with BIT machine (BITCOIN) I said that doesn’t seem right, that’s not real I need to talk to a police in person. So then they threatened me and said the police tapped into my phone and know where I am and will send a police to arrest me…. So I hung up fast …. Called 911 and went straight to to police dept…. Did a statement… showed them my phone and call logs, also all the info I got from them…. TOTAL scam… its unreal how smart these scammers are getting. To actually copy and paste or whatever to use the actual police’s phone number to call my phone…. That’s what made me think okay this is believable. But I also know almost all the cops in that area and I didn’t recognize the voice or name… so I was super confused. But also convinced because the phone number right. At my job we call and deal with police all day. So !!! I was almost scammed… almost. Until the dumb part of paying at a bit machine came up. Keep in mind, I don’t know how warrants work. I only dealt with police through clientele. So I have 0 idea how anything works if I was to be charged or on warrant. Anyways, I got to Adinas maybe after 8 ish. I told her what happened and why I didn’t make it right away and apologized… she gave me flowers for my mom and told me I need some too because I had such a horrible day… she hugged me and wished me well. She’s so sweet!! Thanks to flowers on the fly, she made my day so much better. I got home to pick up my babies and gave my mom her thank you flowers, cake and some food. Thanks again Flowers On The Fly by Audina!!! You turned my day around & I’m glad I met you and now know where I can send people for gorgeous flowers and great service !
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strives to make doing business in Lloydminster as successful as possible through lobbying municipal, provincial and federal government bodies

Vision: A fully engaged, innovative and dynamic business community makes Lloydminster the best place to live, work, and do business

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Border Home Inspections is a professional inspector for residential and commercial, mold, sewer, and WETT certification.

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Crude Canola Oil, Refined Canola Oil, Canola Meal Pellets, Soy Meal Pellets, Canola Meal

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Big Bore is an oilfield company specializing in directional drilling and hydrovac services across Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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Ace Oilfield is based in Lloydminster and offers custom machining, repairs, swabbing, and specialized tools.

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Top Grade Construction has large fleet of heavy equipment including; Crawlers, Graders, Rock Trucks, Truck & Trailers, Excavators, scrapers and Packers. They specialize in Lease and Road Construction, Grading, Snow Removal, Site Preparation, Gravel supply, and Trucking. See Also: Top Grade Construction in Cold Lake

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The Lloydminster Agricultural Exhibition Association is dedicated to continuing to foster and develop the tourism industry of our community. The events which are held in their facilities, agricultural, business, conventions, socials, shows or sales, attract international, national, provincial, regional, and local participants. This translates into over 200,000 visits annually to the Lloydminster Exhibition complex and to the City of Lloydminster. Cattlemen's Corral Crop Visions A two-day interactive information event that features a tradeshow, keynote speakers, seminars, demonstrations, and special events for the agriculture industry. This event brings under one roof the latest information on both grain and cattle industries. Usually takes place in January.

The Lloyd Exh is a non-profit community organization. Best known for major events including Lloyd Ex Fair and the Denham Ram Tough CPCA Chuckwagon Finals the Lloyd Exh operates year-round. Through the support of volunteers and sponsors the Lloyd Exh hosts multiple events including agricultural events, local food events, Bull Riding, tradeshows, and more! It is also home to many community events including galas, fundraisers, trade shows, craft fairs, and more!

Lloydminster's rental and event destination.