Furix Energy Inc.

Furix Energy is an ABSA certified and ASME U-Stamp certified manufacturing shop with the capability of constructing ASME Section VIII Div.1 pressure vessels as well as B31.3 piping. We manufacture, repair, recertify pressure vessels, FWKO, treaters, lineheaters, piping and pumpjacks.

We excel in the area of manufacturing 400BBL, flat, slope bottom and acid tanks. We have a separate site strictly dedicated to building 400 and 100 BBL’s. We also provide 750’s and 1000 BBL tanks. Since everything is manufactured by hand, in-house, we have the capability of producing from six to eight 400BBL tanks per week and approximately (4) 750’s or 1000’s per month.

We do our own sandblasting, painting and internally coatings of all our tanks, piping and vessels in house. With keeping everything in house this allows us to set our own production schedules.
I am currently working with several large producers in regards to large plant decommissions and reclamations. In this process I gain a large amount of inventory in my back yard for refurbishment and/or various surplus yards that I have throughout Alberta and B.C. Equipment such as large gas plants, small to very large oil refineries, large compressors, large inlet separators, tanks, pump jacks, MCC buildings etc.

The pump jacks we have can either be sold as field ran, or we can bring them into the shop to refurbish and send back out with a one year warranty on the jacks. I have a very large inventory of pump jacks in my inventory in order to be able to better serve my customers.

The compressors I purchase, I can either sell them field ran, do a field rebuild or a complete zero hour rebuild in the shop. I have a wide variety of compressors in my inventory to choose from and I have been working very closely with manufacturers on sizing and building these compressors to suit their applications.

These plants and refineries I have purchased can be refurbished and moved either overseas or within North America and re-utilized in growing economies. When these gas plants, compressors etc. are refurbished in our shop, we then send the large gas plants out with a full 1 year warranty and (if needed) will help on the commissioning of the plants in emerging markets.

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Red Deer