Rota Son Painting Restorations Ltd.

Rota Son Painting Restorations Ltd.

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Our company specializes in environmentally-sensitive multi-media blasting and refinishing of concrete and wood-clad/log structures (e.g., cedar sided and log homes, decks, and fences). Our blasting media includes silica-free crushed glass, glass bead, ground corn cob, walnut shell, and soda. (Note: we typically do not use soda in areas where damage to plant life, disruption to soil pH levels, and dust is a concern). Our system produces very little dust which makes it possible to blast in close proximity to other properties (-another added benefit over soda and sand blasting). An average sized log or cedar home takes about 1-2 days to blast. We also specialize in the paint removal and re-application of old (historic) wood sided buildings, including lead-based paint finishes through a process that completely removes the paint from the wood while capturing the lead particulates. Painting supplies for refinishing purposes are exclusively from Benjamim Moore; Sikkens; and Sansin. We also offer paint and rust removal from metal surfaces, e.g., steel beams, bridges, vessels, etc. Other blasting projects include exposed concrete, automobile frame paint removal, fire restoration, heavy-duty machinery cleaning, and graffiti removal. We also offer complete residential and commercial painting services. We are a small, family owned and operated business, with over 30 years experience. WCB coverage for all workers, and company liability insurance. Free estimates.




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