Fraser's Farrier Service

Alberta certified farrier, Fraser provides quality work on every horse, never rushes a job; continues education and always strive to improve his skills Keeping your horse on a good schedule for trimming and shoeing (average 4-6 weeks) is extremely important. The goal of scheduling regular farrier visits is to maintain consistent balance rather than significantly changing the hoof at each appointment. This will keep the quality of the hooves healthier, along with numerous other benefits.

Certified Farrier currently looking to take on a few more clients. I provide you and your animals with first rate service. The hours I work are very flexible, and I understand that not everyone can be around during the middle of the day. I also realize that no matter what your horse is worth, they all deserve the same quality hoove care. If you are looking for better performance, a healthier horse, start with it’s hooves. I can provide cold shoeing & barefoot trimming. Unsound, laminitic, foundered and navicular horses are provided with the latest treatments.
Trim: $40.00
Trim and front shoes: $90.00
Trim and all four*Steel*: $120.00
Troubled horses are not included in this price schedule. I'm your farrier not your trainer Rates for specialty shoes, pads, customized shoes, and problem hooves will be quoted separately if you haven't been able to get a farrier out in a while expect additional charge WILL apply Barn rates/discount may apply;Sherwood Park ,Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc, St. Albert, Spruce Grove ,Beaumont, Bon Accord, Bruderheim, Calmar, Devon, Gibbons,Legal, Redwater, and Stony Plain many other places not listed PM me text or call.



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