Mold Squad

Your one-stop Mold Removal and Restoration Team

Mold Squad is mold remediation with a focused approach: Our core purpose and specialism is in locating and removing mold, and addressing the underlying cause of its growth.

We return mold-impacted environments to "normal" by diagnosing and moving mold-impacted source materials, but we don't stop with just removing mold. We identify the source cause of the mold and repair the source problem so the mold does not return. Mold Squad also has experts in restoration – to fix up your area once the toxic substance is removed. If you think you may have mold or any other contaminant, contact Mold Squad immediately.

If mold is removed without addressing the source problem, the mold will just regrow. Get to the root of the issue with the specialists at Mold Squad.




2726 - 5th Ave NE