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Northplex Ltd. is a manufacturer, based in the County of barrhead, that designs and constructs modular homes and commercial buildings in Northern Alberta.

Phone: (780) 305-0505

59504 Range Road 32
Barrhead, AB
T7N 1A4
Price Range: $$
Business Rating: 2.8
Total Reviews: 4


Average: 2.8 (4 votes)
Rant Raves and Reviews

Submitted by Truth

Tes the truth is most people who put together your home are not licensed.. From cabinet makers, to electrical, to carpet layers. I would not trust any home from there. Neither should you.

Submitted by Anonymous

I have had an opportunity to take a tour of the beautiful showhomes and the plant at Northplex.
The sales people were extremely helpful and it was amazing to get to see how they actually build the
modular all in their enclosed facility. If you haven't been to Northplex you should go! Highly recommend
them to anyone! :)

Submitted by Excited

My wife and I loved their show homes, we were very impressed with how nice, tidy & modern their standard finishes look. Their production line is second to none as well, they have everything they need at their finger tips to build these beautiful homes. Their in-house cabinet shop builds amazing quality cabinets and their design teams work in very functional, awesome looking kitchens! The thing I like the most, other then how they will work with me to give me exactly the layout and design I want, is that they go the extra mile when it comes to structure. Not only is it all built indoors so the materials that will build my home stays nice and dry, but they also put in extra fasteners, glue, studs and sheeting above code requirements to give it extra strength that I feel will give our home a very long life. I look forward to building with Northplex, it is going to be so much less hassle then if I was going to try and get my custom floor plan stick built, plus they will build it for me during the winter ready to be delivered to my site in spring! =D

Submitted by Ripped off

We bought our first home from NorthPlex. I love my home but I have to say, modular homes take a long time to settle. We bought a two story home and after 18 months and a repair job this past spring, it still has an obvious seem around my staircase. It actually looks terrible. When they came to fix it they puttied the seam, then just painted the putty so you can clearly see a painted line around my stairwell. They cut corners big time.
Dealing with NorthPlex was OK but now that they have their money they have left me with fencing only on one side. They said our "agreement doesn't say fully fenced lot". So they only fenced one side! They also tried to give me half of a driveway! Meaning concrete for half, and the other half gravel.
To this day, 1.5 years after moving in, they still refuse to complete my fence.
Caution when dealing with the this company! Read your agreement to the fullest. My agreement said "NorthPlex will build the fences, and the town will build the perimeter fence." Somehow that means only half a fence to them.