Town of Banff

The Town of Banff is responsible for bylaws, recreation, fire department, public works (operations), planning and development. Town Council is made up of the Mayor, 6 councillors, and an executive assistant.

Banff Housing Corporation 403-762-1115
Bylaw Services 403-762-1218
Community Services 403-762-1251
Corporate Services 403-762-1201
Communications 403-762-1207
Engineering 403-762-1210
The Fenlands Banff Recreation Centre 403-762-1238
Fire Department Emergency 911
Human Resources 403-762-1232
Mayor & Council 403-762-1203
Municipal Clerk 403-762-1209
Operations (includes; Facilities, Fleet Services, Grounds, Resource, Recovery, Recycling, Streets, and Utilities. 403-762-1240
Planning and Development 403-762-1215
Town Manager 403-762-1203




110 Bear Street

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