Athabasca RCMP (Police Department)

Athabasca RCMP (Police Department)

Complaints (24 Hours): (780) 675-4252
Victim Services: (780) 675-5077

Police Protection R.C.M.P. (12 Person detachment)

For Emergencies, Call 911

Phone: (780) 675-5122

4806 - 46th Ave
Athabasca, AB
T9S 1M7
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Rant Raves and Reviews

Submitted by Flis Family

Please help us.
See article about the rash of break-ins near the City of Cold Lake, Alberta.

these RCMP do not do their jobs, I have called and called because my ex kept coming to my house when I had a emergency protection order in place andn nothing was ever done even though he was there they just lethim go and told him not to come back. Also when I was absent from my house and had a Emergency Protection order in place and possessions inside of my house were stolen, my ex broke in and stole from me and changed locks, wrecked my truck and was on social media about it and had him on camera, and all the right orders in place to what I thought would protect me and cops didn't arrest him they actually let him go. I've called numerous times and they said there is so many files open and I told them if they did their jobs and arrested him because I have a restraining order maybe this would stop. This has been on on-goin battle and as a woman its scary leaving an abusive relationship knowing cops don't care. Officers in Athabasca are useless and don't care about well being of people obviously, worst district to deal with. may as well take matters into your own hands, this is how ppl die from domestic violence, because of officers like this in Athabasca. I even spoke to the chief and he's no better. Cops are suppose to serve and protect and these ones do not.

Submitted by anonymous

Yes, I have a problem with the RCMP Athabasca it appears if your native and need help its a crap shoot if they even come out and if they do it's a 3-hour wait and that's if they come . The meth is so bad here the RCMP don't give a sh*t they think natives are dumb and useless so sad and if you're a criminal the rumor has it all you have to do is make a b-line to the bush cause they do not chase the don't want to dirty their uniforms. And yes I'm native and yes I have an education. More to come.

Submitted by ANONYMOUS

yes i most certainly have a beef with athabasca police dept!
my poor daughter has been the victim of harassment from another female, who physically attacked her and her children in a grocery store parking lot and then further harrassed her through texting, and the police will do nothing about this. this particular female is threatening to give my daughter more of what she got the first time. how can one police dept sit there and do nothing. there was video footage from the store and witnesses, and texts that can be provided, and no one wants to get off their ass and really do anything about it before my daughter gets really hurt. how the hell is the police out there to protect anyone in that town of athabasca!. this will be taken up with higher law authority and media if necessary. Shame on you Athabasca police dept!!