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Alberta Oilfield Services

Find oilfield listings, contractors, and trucking companies operating in the province of Alberta.

A Little Drill Bit Inc

phone icon (780) 674-9474
drill bit
A Little Drill Bit Inc. is a Barrhead based oilfield supply company offering sales and rental of drill bits. 824Views
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A&B Concrete Pumping

phone icon (780) 447-3540
A & B Concrete Pumping (2007) Ltd is involved in projects in across Western Canada including jobs in the Alberta Oilsands. They have offices in in Edmonton, Barrhead, Regina and Saskatoon, as... 962Views
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Ace Oilfield

phone icon (780) 875-4880
Ace Oilfield logo
Ace Oilfield is based in Lloydminster and offers custom machining, repairs, swabbing, and specialized tools. 1,527Views
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Ace Oilfield Construction

phone icon (780) 723-7933
Ace Oilfield Construction is based in Edson, Alberta and specializes in well-site and oil rig construction services. 1,521Views
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Ace Power Tongs Ltd.

phone icon (780) 805-2999
Ace Power Tongs Ltd. offers power tongs sales, rentals, and service. Based out of Slave Lake, Alberta. 1,799Views
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Alberta Directional Boring Ltd.

phone icon 403-896-2421
Alberta Directional Boring Logo
Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is method of installing underground pipes, conduits and cables. 5,164Views
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Alberta Gold Energy & Rentals

phone icon (780) 725-4400
Oilfield construction, maintenance, and rentals in Edson, AB. 1,544Views
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Alpetro Resources

phone icon (780) 723-3003
Alpetro Resources Ltd is a Canadian based emerging junior oil and natural gas company actively pursuing a growth strategy to demonstrate substantial growth in production. 1,305Views
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Alternate Choice Water Hauling

phone icon (780) 723-2773
Alternate Choice Water Hauling Ltd hauls fresh and potable water for rigs, plants, and other job sites. 1,550Views
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phone icon (780) 723-7803
AMEC Environment & Infrastructure is an Oilfield engineering and consulting company in Edson, Alberta. 1,378Views
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Anadarko Canada Corp

phone icon (780) 723-3090
Anadarko Canada Corporation is an Oil and Gas company based in Edson, Alberta. 1,440Views
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Arrow Mulching

phone icon (780) 728-5982
Gyro Trac GT 25
Oilfield, mulching, and general contracting services. Arrow Mulching provides low impact seismic line cutting to the oil and gas industry in preparation for laying cable. All mulchers are equipped... 1,586Views
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B & H Tank Systems Inc.

phone icon 403-223-9198
BH Tank Systems Logo
B & H Tank Systems specializes in oilfield equipment rentals. We also offer sandblasting, painting, coating and spray foam insulation. Equipment Rentals: 400 BBL Production Tanks 350-550 BBL Floc... 1,339Views
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Badger Daylighting

phone icon (780) 723-4448
Badger Daylighting offers Oil Field Services, Drilling & Boring contracting. 1,282Views
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Barracuda Contracting

phone icon (780) 516-0375
Barracuda Contracting Equipment Photo
Screwpiles for mobile homes, foundations, decks, oilfield and a variety of other applications. Minimal ground disturbance and immediately ready for load bearing. Also offer excavating, trucking, and... 1,936Views
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Be Rescued Towing & Hauling

phone icon (780) 849-1009
Towing & Hot Shot Services 24 Hour Service, with pilot truck available. Oilfield transportation services. 1,908Views
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Begg Industrial Services

phone icon (780) 723-9553
Offering steam and vacuum truck service, Oil Field Maintenance, spill clean up and plant turnaround services. Call dispatch at (780) 723-7711 or for the shop call (780) 723-3107. 2,147Views
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Bernies Hydrotesting Ltd

phone icon (780) 689-8120
Full-service, year-round hydrotesting company. From short, small-diameter pipelines to long, large-diameter lines, BHL is equipped with the technology and experts to meet all your hydrotesting needs... 1,515Views
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Beyond Foam Insulation

phone icon 403-730-8080
beyond foam logo
Insulation Contractor. Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation. Calgary Alberta. Spray Foam, Attic Insulation, Loose Fill. Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Oilfield, Skids Walltit Eco. Mike Holmes... 1,302Views
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Big Bore Directional Drilling

phone icon 780-875-8845
Big Bore is an oilfield company specializing in directional drilling and hydrovac services across Alberta and Saskatchewan. 1,520Views
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Billy Big Rig Contracting

phone icon (780) 717-6809
Billy Big Rig Contracting Ltd offers custom metal fabrication, general welding, picker, heating & ventilation, and skid steer services. Other equipment includes a 23 Ton Knuckle Boom Truck and 4.... 1,767Views
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Black Tiger Fuel

phone icon (780) 849-3616
Offering Fuel products, greases, and oils. (Esso Petroleum Canada) 1,527Views
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Blast Tech Energy Services Inc.

phone icon (780) 224-8610
Blast Tech Energy Logo
Blast Tech Energy Services offers commercial, oilfield, pipeline, and industrial Pressure Washing and Vacuum Truck Services We understand that prompt service is important to your business. You don’t... 1,366Views
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Boss Pressure Services

phone icon (780) 849-8868
Boss Pressure Services offers one ton pressure trucks, chemical hauling, pressure testing, and packer testing. 1,979Views
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BP Canada Energy Company (Slave Lake)

phone icon (780) 849-6447
Distributor for bulk fuel and oil products, petroleum bulk stations near Slave Lake, Alberta. 1,429Views
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Buffalo Inspection Services

phone icon 780-486-7344
Buffalo Inspection Services is an oilfield company that provides materials testing and is based in Edmonton, Alberta. Radiography Magnetic Particle Inspection Liquid Penetrant Examination Visual... 1,586Views
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C & S Rentals Water & Vac

phone icon (780) 305-9086
C & S Rentals Water & Vac Logo
C & S Rentals Supply's Water and Vac Trucks,We rent 60 Kw generators with light towers, 8 Kw light towers, 2" trash pumps,3" gas power pumps, 4" gas power trash pump, 3300 & 3500 Gallon water... 1,478Views
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Cameron Canada Corp

phone icon (780) 849-1909
Cameron Canada offers oilfield services out of Slave Lake, AB. 1,479Views
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Campcorp Structures

phone icon (780) 849-4205
Custom built structures. Wellsites, office sites, multi-unit complexes, drill camps, dorms, kitchen and recreation buildings. 1,275Views
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Canadian Grass Roots Well Services

phone icon (780) 717-7152
Candaian Grass Roots inc is an Alberta based super heater and hot oiling company. We use the largest deisel and propane fired units built in North America to heat up to 2600 litres per minute.... 1,209Views
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Canwest Propane

phone icon (780) 849-4343
Canwest Propane offers bulk delivery, storage tanks, and equipment supply. 1,618Views
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Carnwood Wireline Service Ltd

phone icon 1-888-920-6035
Wireline Dewaxing & Swabbing units. Electronic pressure and temperature recording. Installation and servicing of Plunger Lift systems, Tubing Perforators, Impression Blocks, Tubing End Locators,... 1,247Views
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Carpenter Oilfield Solutions

phone icon 587-727-0283
Carpenter Oilfield Solutions Logo
Servicing Alberta and surrounding provinces in light oilfield hauling and transportation. 1,349Views
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Champion Technologies

phone icon (780) 849-4769
Champion Technologies Ltd. offers various oilfield products and services. 1,430Views
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Clariant Canada

phone icon (780) 849-4722
Clariant (Canada) Inc offers chemicals for oil and mining, as well as drum & bulk storage facility, and a laboratory. 1,437Views
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Clean Harbors Exploration Services Ltd.

phone icon 780-778-6776
Clean Harbors offers project management, and a range of recycling, treatment and disposal options for hazardous waste materials and sites. 2,011Views
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Combined Concrete Pumping

phone icon (780) 598-0088
Combined Concrete Pumping logo
Combined Concrete Pumping (2007) Ltd providing pumping services for projects in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and in the Alberta Oilsands. Affiliated with A & B Concrete Pumping in... 1,230Views
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Contour Construction

phone icon (780) 723-5051
Contour Construction Business Card
Contour Construction Ltd is an oilfield company offering excavation, lease and road construction, site clean-ups, clearing, and portable bridges. Contour has a large fleet of dozers, excavators, rock... 1,681Views
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Controlynx Instrumentation Services

phone icon (780) 723-7739
Controlynx offers Instrumentation Engineering services and is located in Edson, Alberta. 1,267Views
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Cormode & Dickson - Fort McMurray Operations

phone icon (780) 748-1964
Cormode & Dickson Construction is a full service general contractor based in western Canada. We deliver quality without compromise. 1,952Views
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CPS Filtration Inc.

phone icon 780-449-6100
CPS Filtration Inc. Logo
CPS Filtration offers a complete line of filtration products. From gas filters to liquid filters, our range encompasses a number of product categories to ensure we stock the correct item for every... 987Views
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Cruz Oilfield Services Ltd

phone icon 403-249-0313
Cruz Oilfield Services Ltd offers oil and gas well testing in Alberta, Canada. 1,412Views
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Daylight Hydrovac

phone icon (780) 723-6969
Hydrovacs, vac trucks, tank trucks, water trucks, snow removal, security, line locations we are happy to provide any service we can to oilfield and residential. 1,676Views
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Dogs Hotoil Services

phone icon 780-842-9441
Dogs Hotoil Logo
Dogs Hotoil Services services East Central Alberta with 15 years experience in well dewaxing and tank heating. 677Views
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Double G Oilfield Hotshot Services Ltd

phone icon 780-520-0117
We offer 24/7 light oilfield hauling & hotshot services please contact for a quote. 628Views
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Duncan Geomatics and Consulting Ltd.

phone icon (780) 881-4334
Duncan Geomatics Logo
Duncan Geomatics is a Fort McMurray surveying company and a leader in its field. With over 30 years of experience in everything from municipality contracts to oilfield and SAGD survey, our team has... 1,253Views
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Dutron Controls

phone icon (780) 990-4635
Dutron Controls logo
Instrumentation and Electronics Company that focuses on Industrial Systems Design and Controls. They wire, design, and troubleshoot Well Service Equipment including Cementers, N2 pumpers, Fluid... 1,227Views
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E & P Tractor Service

phone icon (780) 826-8650
Contact: Eugene Stahn E & P Tractor Service Ltd offers Vacuum Truck Septic Tank Cleaning Service and potable water hauling based out of Cold Lake, Alberta. 1,487Views
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Exact Oilfield Developing

phone icon (780) 849-2211
Providing manpower and equipment to the oilfield industry for pipeline and facility construction. Exact is primarily a pipeline and facility maintenance and construction company supplying employment... 1,382Views
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Fox Oilfield

phone icon 780-612-9369
Fox Oilfield provides hauling services to the Alberta oil and gas industry with our fleet of winch tractors, bed trucks and pickers. Fox Oilfield Inc. is an oilfield hauling company based in Nisku,... 1,004Views
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Furix Energy Inc.

phone icon 403-348-8110
Furix Energy logo
Furix Energy is an ABSA certified and ASME U-Stamp certified manufacturing shop with the capability of constructing ASME Section VIII Div.1 pressure vessels as well as B31.3 piping. We manufacture,... 1,375Views
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Gemini Helicopters

phone icon (780) 402-2444
Gemini Helicopters is an oilfield company providing helicopter charters, production management, plant & field operators, and other oilfield services in Grande Prairie, Drayton Valley, High Level... 1,571Views
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Grande Peace Transport (2004) Ltd

phone icon 780-451-7753
Grande Peace Transport (2004) Ltd is a Light Oilfield Hauling Division and hotshot service. Direct cell (587)335-3635 1,220Views
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Grassland Safety Services

phone icon 403-793-7244
Grassland Safety Services provides quality non biased safety and regulatory third party audits and inspections to the Drilling Industry throughout the world. Using the most thorough inspection format... 553Views
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Higher Ground Consulting Inc.

phone icon 403-523-9955
Higher Ground Consulting (HGC) is a full service EPCM company that specializes in civil projects. HGC is made up of a dedicated team of professionals trained and experienced in project management,... 621Views
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JCI Cyclonics Ltd.

phone icon 403-568-2031
JCI Cyclonics Ltd. is a privately owned Canadian company headquartered in Calgary, AB.  Using proven technology, JCI is dedicated to providing cyclonic separation solutions to the oil and gas... 1,140Views
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Johnson & Herbert Construction

phone icon (780) 723-6661
Johnson & Herbert Construction (1988) Inc. is a heavy equipment contractor serving the oilfield industry. They provide construction of lease roads, preparation of lease sites, as well as clean-up... 2,285Views
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Jonell Canada

phone icon 403-313-1559
Jonell Canada Inc. is a privately owned business in Calgary, AB, Canada. We offer a complete range of filtration and separation products for the oil and gas industry. We are the official distributor... 597Views
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Knights Rathole Drilling & Service

phone icon (780) 723-5411
Knights Rathole Drilling & Service Ltd provides general oilfield contracting services and is based out of Edson, AB. 1,916Views
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Lea-Der Coatings

phone icon (780) 962-5060
Lea-Der Coatings is a manufacturer and distributor of oilfield safety products. 1,297Views
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Leader Energy Services

phone icon (780) 402-9876
leader energy services logo
Leader Energy Services provides coiled tubing and nitrogen/fluid pumping services in the City of Grande Prairie, Alberta. 1,060Views
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Leon's Heavy Equipment

phone icon (780) 715-0648
leon's heavy equipment logo
Leon's Heavy Equipment Ltd specializes in mechanical repair services for Automotive, Light Duty, and Heavy Duty Trucks and equipment including John Deere, Caterpillar, Komatsu and all types of Dozers... 1,387Views
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Les Barkers Catwork

phone icon 780-723-7351
Les Barkers Catwork Ltd provides general contracting and oilfield service. 2,010Views
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Lightning Hotshot

phone icon 780-239-3465
Lightning Hotshot is an Alberta, Canada based business. Providing transportation services, from light oilfield to small package delivery. In addition we also handle recreational vehicle transfers.... 664Views
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Little Guy Oilfield Rentals

phone icon 780-980-1166
We specialize in renting rig mats in Edmonton and for a wide variety of industries throughout Alberta. Because we have multiple yards, we are able to keep a high inventory of access mats, swamp mats... 1,673Views
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Mar- Rik Trucking Ltd.

phone icon 780-524-5999
Oilfield Services. Tank Trucks, Vac Trucks, Pressure Trucks. KCL Water. Scrubber rentals. CVIP Shop. 1,188Views
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Matrix Well Servicing

phone icon 780-872-5518
Matrix Well Servicing is an oilfield company based in Lloydminster that operates service rigs. 791Views
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Maximum Bob Cat Services

phone icon 780-712-3571
Maximum Bob Cat Services is an excavating contractor that offers drilling, boring, and excavation. 2,016Views
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phone icon (780) 979-6588
MaXXiMaT logo
MaxxiMaT is a manufacturer and Supplier of rig mats, access mats, crane mats, camp mats and custom mats to Alberta and Western Canada a well as parts of the U.S. We are proud to say that we have the... 815Views
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Mayco Industries Group (MIG)

phone icon 1-855-644-5151
Mayco Industries Logo
Since 1980 MIG has been providing engineered electrical & automation solutions on time and on budget while maintaining an excellent safety record. At MIG, industrial oilfield electrical... 833Views
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Mine and Oilfield Logistics International

phone icon (780) 628-6864
MOLI is More than Simply a Transportation & Logistics Company… We Represent Project Transportation Partners That Don’t Just Meet Your Specifications & Expectations… They Set The Standard When... 1,256Views
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Morton Safety Services Ltd.

phone icon 403-887-7808
Morton Safety Services is a locally owned and founded safety company near Red Deer that prides itself on providing high quality safety services at an inexpensive cost. Our motto is "Safety should not... 1,269Views
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Mountainside Sales & Rentals

phone icon (780) 723-5536
Mountainside Sales & Rentals is an oilfield company offering equipment sales, rental, supplies and service in Edson, AB. 1,372Views
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North of 55 Oilfield Hauling

phone icon (780) 849-4333
Oilfield transportation services including Bed trucks, Winch Tractors, Pilot Vehicles and Light Oilfield Hauling to Slave Lake and surrounding area. 1,367Views
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Northern Provincial Pipelines

phone icon (780) 723-6494
Northern Provincial Pipelines Ltd is a Pipeline Contractor and oilfield services company in Edson, AB. 1,325Views
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Oilpatch Steamers Inc.

phone icon 403-634-0990
60 HP Mobile Boiler with Operator. Oilpatch Steamers is based out of Vauxhall AB and is a member of ISNetworld and Complyworks. We hold a valid and maintained SECOR safety program and have all the... 759Views
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Paradox Access Solutions

phone icon 780-418-1955
Paradox Access Solutions Inc specializes in the supply and installation of access mats, transportation, rig mats, swamp mats, ground reinforcement, mobile shops and related services. 1,435Views
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Pe Ben Oilfield Services

phone icon 780-539-3642
Pe Ben Oilfield Services stores and moves Oil Country Tubular Goods. 1,429Views
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Peak Energy Services

phone icon (780) 849-3772
Peak Energy Services offers drilling and production services to its customers in the conventional and unconventional oil and natural gas industry, as well as the oil sands regions. This is a Clean... 1,362Views
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R. Hoffman Consulting

phone icon 403-783-4399
Oilfield Consulting in the area of Oil and Gas Wellsite / Drilling Supervision. 1,182Views
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Raven Hotshot Inc.

phone icon 403-305-2016
Raven Hotshot Logo
Based in Calgary Alberta, Raven Hotshot Inc. is a trusted name in light oilfield and construction hauling. 1,227Views
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RigER - Oilfield Rentals Operations Management Software

phone icon 403-918-5779
riger oilfield rentals
RigER offers oil patch rentals and service operations from client service request via service schedule and field tickets to final service invoice. RigER focuses on oil & gas equipment rentals but... 377Views
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Rusylvia Transport

phone icon 780-581 8828
Rusylvia is an oilfield company in the Vermilion - Elk Point area. We currently haul produced water and petroleum crude oil with tridem crude trailers with late model equipment. We also offer snow... 854Views
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Safety Boss Inc.

phone icon 403-261-5075
Safety Boss providing services for Well control, blowouts, firefighting, safety training, medical services, decontamination units and hot tap services. 1,239Views
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Sanjel Corporation

phone icon 1-800-972-6535
Sanjel Logo
Sanjel is a specialized, privately owned global energy service company with over 30 years of experience. The Company's large-scale, international operations stretch across North America and overseas... 1,337Views
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phone icon 780-830-4500
Schlumberger is a oil and gas company that supplies technology with a focus on project management and information solutions. 1,333Views
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Sierra Oilfield Services

phone icon (780) 723-2178
Sierra Oilfield Services Ltd is based out of Edson, AB and provides pipe and insulation contracting for cold and heat jobs. 1,657Views
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Skookum Heavy Haul Ltd.

phone icon 780-579-2728 OR 780-915-5805
Logistics Consultant; Winch Truck Services; Heavy Oilfield & Construction Equipment Hauling; Rigs, Vessels; Compressors; Shacks; Matting; Fire Retardent; Push Truck Services 777Views
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Slave Lake Safety Supply Ltd.

phone icon (780) 849-4214
Slave Safety Supply is a locally owned and operated safety service and supply company servicing the oil and gas and all other industries. Slave Safety is ISN, Networld and COR approved as well as a... 1,580Views
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Starski Contracting Ltd.

phone icon (780) 778-4828
Starski Contracting provides oifield services including grading, sand, and gravel hauling. 1,376Views
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Steve's Trucking

phone icon (780) 723-3166
Steve's Trucking Ltd offers: Truck lines, Oil field transportation services. Excavating, sand and gravel wholesaler and manufacturer. Drilling & boring. 1,327Views
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TAWS Security

phone icon (780) 334-2226
TAWS Security Logo
TAWS Security Ltd. is an aboriginally owned Alberta based security company that specializes in oil sands gate and mobile patrol security solutions. Location based stations, mobile patrol units, and... 1,518Views
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Tervita (CSS Energy Services)

phone icon (780) 849-3319
Tervita, formerly known as CSS Energy Serices, provides Fluid Management Services including the Treatment, Recovery and Disposal of upstream Oilfield waste. 1,758Views
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Timberline Oilfield Services

phone icon 403-369-7750
Timberline Oilfield Services is an Oilfield Hauling company serving many companies across Alberta. 1,863Views
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TKM trucking

phone icon (780) 405-3378
TKM trucking is local Alberta based hotshot and oilfield transportation company. We specialize in the transportation of tubular products as well as most any other flat deck loads. Our well maintained... 1,300Views
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Volvo Rents

phone icon 780-723-6410
Volvo Rents is an Oil Field equipment and supplies rental company in Edson, AB. 1,095Views
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Wallis Bros Construction

phone icon (780) 584-2406
Wallis Brothers Construction Logo
Wallis Brothers Construction has a large fleet of heavy equipment and specializes in road, lease, and oilfield construction. Head Office Located West of Barrhead near Fort Assiniboine Phone: 780-584-... 1,982Views
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Western Petroleum Management

phone icon 403-266-3938
Canadian oil and gas project management company providing consulting and management services to the petroleum industry in Canada and worldwide. 692Views
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Westpac Industries

phone icon 780-723-0862
Westpac Industries Inc is an Edson based company offering insulation contractor and offers oilfield services. 2,053Views
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