Mayerthorpe Business Directory

Mayerthorpe Directory

Find businesses, community facilities, and other local organizations in the town of Mayerthorpe, Alberta.
Agricultural Barn    Mayerthorpe  780-648-2144
Diamond Centre Community Hall    Mayerthorpe  780-786-2664
Fallen Four Memorial Park    Mayerthorpe  780-786-4990
Legion Hall    Mayerthorpe  780-786-2470  
Mayerthorpe Baseball and Slowpitch Diamonds    Mayerthorpe  780-786-4236
Mayerthorpe Curling Rink    Mayerthorpe  780-786-2371
Mayerthorpe Golf and Country Club    Mayerthorpe  780-786-4737
Mayerthorpe Gymkana GroundsMayerthorpe  780-786-4676
Mayerthorpe Outdoor Skating Rink    Mayerthorpe  780-786-2416
Mayerthorpe Outdoor Swimming Pool    Mayerthorpe  780-786-2416
Mayerthorpe Public Library    Mayerthorpe  780-786-2404
Mayerthorpe Senior's Drop-In Centre    Mayerthorpe  780-786-4153
Mayerthorpe Skateboard Park    Mayerthorpe  780-786-2416
Mayerthorpe Soccer Fields    Mayerthorpe  780-786-4476
Mayerthorpe Toboggan Hill    Mayerthorpe  780-786-2416
Mayerthorpe Visitor Information Centre    Mayerthorpe  780-786-4990
(780) 785-4002
Gibbs Contracting specializes in construction of sheds, shelters, and building of shops and garages in the Barrhead and Mayerthorpe areas. They also offer skid steer work. Call 780-785-4002 or on our...
Wild Boar Meat (Fresh/Frozen), Wild Boar Smokies, Jerky, Wild Boar Terrine, Bacon, Proscuitto
Contact Name: Michelle 2 outside kennels with heated dog houses. Just finished my grooming course check us out for great competitive rates. Located just outside Mayerthorpe.
(780) 786-2671
coop The Mayerthorpe Marketplace Co-op is a full service grocery store just off main street in the town of Mayerthorpe, Alberta. This store is owned and operated by Pembina West Co-op.
Mayerthorpe Computer Repair Business Card Mayerthorpe $50 Computer Repair Package I am good with computers and networking. Helped with friends' computers and heard they talking about going in a repair store and got charged more than a couple...
(780) 786-2481
WCB Approved Physiotherapy Clinic, Advanced Therapeutic Massage Therapy, and Fitness centre. Products include professional grade vitamins, supplements & herbs as well as an organic skin &...
(780) 684-3003
The Mayerthorpe Aquatic Centre is an outdoor swimming pool with a waterslide. This is a popular spot in the summer for residents and visiting families.
The Wildrose Rodeo Association is a non-profit organization that plans our annual rodeos. The Wildrose Rodeo Finals are held annually in Barrhead, AB.