Town of Edson

The Town Office for the municipality of Edson, Alberta. Local government operating public works, fire department, cemetery, annual budget, bylaws, animal pound, and landfill services.




605 - 50th Street
I’m so tried of hearing about individuals choosing not to be vaccinated. I strongly agree that it’s our right to choose. Our medical programs are supported by tax dollars that I contribute to so if an individual chooses not to be vaccinated and ends up in hospital with Covid why are we paying the bill?????
Some People in this town should mind there own business.. Anyone out there that would call and complain to someones employer to say that their employee is causing harm to someone and not leave their name is a coward. Get you facts straight before before you make this sort of accusation. This is not the first time i have been accused of this sort of thing. Some people have nothing better to do than trying find someone else doing something wrong. Better luck next time you think you can make you misserable life better by getting someone else in trouble.

Special Thanks goes out to the RCMP member who stopped and offered to shovel the snow for me - now how nice is that -