Sanjel Corporation

Sanjel is a specialized, privately owned global energy service company with over 30 years of experience. The Company's large-scale, international operations stretch across North America and overseas. Sanjel employs approximately 4,200 team members in over 30 field districts, 11 laboratories, 11 regional maintenance facilities and three training centers.

Sanjel provides two specialized product offerings - Pressure Pumping and Completions. Each product offering is complete with its own innovative engineering products and custom-designed and manufactured equipment.

Dedication to our customers and to our corporate motto, "Pride by Performance", has always been our guiding principle. We place a strong focus on the individual needs of our customers and we meet those needs with proven, reliable solutions. In every job, we aim to fulfill our corporate mission of ensuring exceptional value for our customers through superior operations, innovative solutions, and complete team commitment.




200, 505 2nd Street SW