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Bakeries and baked good wholesalers located in Calgary, Alberta.

Baker Boys

phone icon 403-255-4556
The Baker Boys supply a wide variety of baked goods to the grocery store, convenience store, fundraising, and food service industries across Alberta and the rest of Canada. Thaw & Sell (Gourmet... 2,013Views
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Bowness Bakery

phone icon 403-250-9760
Bowness Bakery Alberta Inc. based in Calgary offers rye & whole grain breads, organic & yeast-free breads, pizza shells, and pretzels. 1,889Views
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Byblos Bakery Ltd.

phone icon 403-250-3711
Byblos Bakery Ltd. is a large bakery that makes and distributes Pita Bread, Bagels, Baklava, Tortilla Wraps, Nan Bread, Pizza Shells, and Paninis. 1,951Views
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Calgary Italian Bakery Ltd.

phone icon 403-255-3515
Bread, Buns, Crusty Buns, Pizza, Pastries, English Muffins, Donuts, Bagels, Hearth Breads 1,847Views
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Canada Bread Frozen Bakery Ltd.

phone icon 403-203-1675
Canada Bread Frozen Bakery Ltd based in Calgary provides wholesale bread for Maple Leaf Foods. 1,821Views
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Daniel's Bakery

phone icon 403-243-3207
Daniel's Bagel and Baguette Corp. is a bakery wholesaler providing specialty breads, dinner buns, bagels, and pretzels. 1,208Views
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Engel's Bakeries Ltd.

phone icon 403-250-9560
Baked Goods, Frozen (Ready to Bake) Products, Danish, Muffins, Sausage Rolls, Cakes, Bread, Specialty Bread, Buns, and Rolls. 2,110Views
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Fairview Bakery 1987 Ltd.

phone icon 403-279-6505
Rolls (Spicy Polish Sausage, Chicken, Vegetarian), Quiches, Puff Pastry, Meat Pies, Oatmeal Turnover Cookies, Croissants, Danish Strudel, Cheese Sticks (Pepperoni, Polish Sausage), Breakfast Bundles... 1,900Views
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Golden Happiness Bakery Ltd.

phone icon 403-263-4882
Golden Happiness Bakery Ltd. is a Calgary bakery that provides Asian specialty products. 1,269Views
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Lakeview Bakery

phone icon 403-246-6127
Low Carb, Allergy-Free & Organic Baking, Rice Baking, Organic Spelt & Kamut Products, Bread, Buns, Cookies, Muffins, Cakes, Pies 1,045Views
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Lloyd's Patty Plus

phone icon 403-207-4455
Lloyd's Patty Plus is a bakery specializing in Jamaican patties, take-out, and wholesale to restaurants and food stores. 1,078Views
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Shamsane Pita Bakery Ltd.

phone icon 403-272-8495
Shamsane Pita Bakery Ltd. specializes in natural Pita bread and distributes to grocers in Calgary as well as across Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. 1,145Views
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Sons Bakery

phone icon 403-252-3660
Sons Bakery specializes in fresh bread and buns from their location in Calgary, Alberta. 1,524Views
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Weston Bakeries/Ready Bake Foods, Western Canada

phone icon 403-259-1500
Weston Bakeries produces ready bake foods including bread, rolls, and frozen dough. 1,343Views
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