Matrixx Protective Solutions Inc.

MATRIXX Protective Solutions Inc. and Pumpguard Coatings Ltd. have provided innovative coating solutions to a wide range of Industries and Customers to address corrosion, erosion and wear concerns. We have the operational history that marks over 6.3 million oil tools in the ground around the globe.
We are dedicated to creating and sustaining end results that make a marked difference in performance by providing world class coating solutions and innovative processes that meet and exceed our clients' expectations. Continual research and practicing innovative techniques in the field have made us a proven resource.
Customers trust us to meet the following commitments:
Provide effective solutions to meet metal corrosion failure and wear issues
Follow customer specifications
Integrity in dealing with customer confidentiality
Meet customer delivery requirements
Respecting customers' parts and returning them in the same condition with which they were received
As a part of our commitment to quality, MATRIXX Protective Solutions Inc. and Pumpguard Coatings Ltd. have a NACE Certified Inspector on site and all of our staff work united to provide continuous improvement.

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