Himark BioGas

Himark BioGas Inc. is an engineering company that provides Waste-to-Energy technology in Edmonton, Alberta.

Himark BioGas Inc. is a leading Waste-to-Energy technology and engineering services company. Himark has in-depth experience and operational know-how in bioengineering; anaerobic digestion and microbiology; mechanical and electrical engineering; project development and management; soil science, fertilizer and farm management; and algae technologies.
With offices in Edmonton, Barbados, Houston, Karachi and Hong Kong, we help our clients develop the world’s most economical and state-of-the-art biogas capability. Himark does so with its internationally-patented technology and through services focused on feasibility studies, project design, engineering and construction, commissioning, and the rescue and resuscitation of Himark’s competitors’ digesters not working properly.
Himark has invested over USD $ 35 million in research and development, to develop cutting-edge waste to energy technologies for our clients.
Key Differentiators
- Scalable from small size plants to the world’s largest AD plant
- Ability to handle “non-pure” waste with non-volatile solids – Clean Slate™
- Infinite feedstock flexibility via patented HiSIS system
- Patented Pathogen-destruction capability
- Experts at integrating with other industrial processes/plants
- Built locally with local resources. Not selling any black boxes
- IMUS™ AD plants enjoy free “Algae-Ready” capability



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