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Health Services in Barrhead

Local doctor clinics, medical centers, mental health agencies, denture clinics, addiction counseling, and the hospital services in Barrhead, Alberta.

Barrhead Clinic

phone icon (780) 674-2231
The Barrhead Clinic is the home office for several family doctors. 1,622Views
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Barrhead Community Health Services

phone icon (780) 674-3408
Services include (but are not limited to) Public Health, Community Health Services (CHS), immunizations, respiratory therapy, home care, speech/language, and childhood development. 553Views
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Barrhead Denture Clinic

phone icon (780) 674-4348
Denture clinic based in Barrhead, Alberta offering: • Complete dentures • Partial dentures • Implant over-dentures • Relines and repairs • Athletic mouthguards • Oral cancer screening 374Views
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Barrhead Hospital

phone icon (780) 674-2221
The Barrhead Healthcare Centre has an emergency room, delivery rooms, community cancer care, ear/nose/throat clinic, lab, pharmacy, rehabilitation, X-ray, and ultrasound services. 3,479Views
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Barrhead Keir Care

phone icon (780) 674-4506
Barrhead Keir Care provides continuing care services for seniors, dementia patients, and respite. 871Views
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Barrhead Medical Centre

phone icon (780) 674-2246
The Barrhead Medical Centre is a private clinic for practicing family doctors in Barrhead, Alberta. 958Views
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Barrhead Mental Health

phone icon (780) 674-8243
Mental Health Services offers psychotherapy, child management counselling, behaviour therapy, critical incident stress help, post-disaster crisis counselling, and community outreach services. 1,199Views
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Barrhead Veterinary Clinic

phone icon (780) 674-5335
Veterinarian clinic is located just outside of Barrhead, Alberta. Dr. Iliya Belosevic. 1,498Views
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Dr. Allan Yuill Orthodontist

phone icon (780) 674-5667
Allan L. Yuill Professional Corporation. Certified Specialist in Orthodontics in Barrhead Alberta. 931Views
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Fit For Motion Physiotherapy Clinic

phone icon (780) 674-5000
Fit-For-Motion is a private physiotherapy clinic located on the 2nd floor of the Barrhead Arena. They provide physio, acupuncture, and custom orthotics. 2,292Views
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Renew Restore Revive Massage Therapy

phone icon (780) 674-7545
massage therapy bed
Renew Restore Revive is a massage therapy clinic in Barrhead with 8 therapists offering a wide variety of treatments. Call or visit their website to book online. 1,077Views
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Shepherd's Care

phone icon (780) 674-4249
Shepherd's Care is a Christian organization providing healthcare and living support services for seniors in need. 718Views
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