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Alberta Farm & Food Directory

Directory of agricultural processing companies and related industry organizations operating in Alberta.

ADM Alliance Nutrition

phone icon 403-320-2659
ADM Alliance Nutrition distributes premixes, minerals, starter, stress packs, animal health products, and feed ingredients. 955Views
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ADM Milling Company

phone icon 403-267-5600
ADM Milling Company specializes in the production of food ingredients and livestock feeds. 350Views
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Agropur Lethbridge Plant

phone icon 403-381-4024
Sunnyrose Cheese (Agropur Cheese And Functional Products Division) is a plant that produces a wide variety of cheese products. 2,107Views
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Alberta Barley Commission

phone icon 403-291-9111
Alberta Barley is a farmer-directed, not-for-profit organization representing local barley farmers. They advocate the interests of producers within the province and around the world through market... 321Views
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Alberta Beef Producers

phone icon 403-275-4400
Represents the collective interests of Alberta beef producers with a focus on market access, sustainability, lobbying, research & innovation, as well as industry regulations. 364Views
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Alberta Cheese Company Ltd.

phone icon 403-279-4353
Local producer that provides Alberta’s food service businesses and retailers with a large variety of cheeses and specialty cheese. 367Views
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Alberta Corn Committee

phone icon 403-381-5118
The Alberta Corn Committee (ACC) was established in 1980 to address issues related to corn production and utilization in Alberta. The committee is comprised of producers, researchers, and extension... 995Views
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Alberta Dairy Council

phone icon 780-418-1400
Represent most milk producers in the Province of Alberta. Manufacture and market all types of finished dairy products. 1,051Views
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Alberta Elk Commission

phone icon (780) 980-7582
Elk Commission Logo
The Alberta Elk Commission (AEC) is an association of individuals, farms and corporations actively supporting and developing the elk farming industry in Alberta. 1,105Views
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Alberta Feed and Consulting

phone icon 403-346-8312
Alberta Feed and Consulting offers livestock premixes, supplements, minerals, and nutritional animal feed. 1,218Views
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Alberta Food Processors Association

phone icon 403-201-3657
AFPA is a non-profit organization assists the food and beverage industry; growers, processors, retailers, and other food service businesses through marketing and training services. 345Views
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Alberta Greenhouse Growers Association

phone icon (780) 489-1991
AGGA is an association of greenhouses, growers, educators and trades people seeking to serve its members by promoting and strengthening the industry in Alberta. 1,419Views
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Alberta Lamb Producers

phone icon 403-948-8533
Producer-directed and funded organization that represents the interests of the sheep industry. ALP provides a strong collective voice for the Alberta sheep sector by working with government and all... 1,184Views
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Alberta Pork

phone icon (780) 474-8288
Alberta Pork is a collective organization that supports farmers, producers, suppliers, and consumers. 1,136Views
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Alberta Prairie Meats

phone icon 403-378-4123
Custom cutting, slaughter service, wild game processing, beef jerky, and line of retail and custom made sausage, fresh or smoked. 744Views
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Alberta Processing Co.

phone icon 403-279-4441
Meat processing and rendering plant that converts disposed meats into suitable food for animals and livestock. 389Views
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Alberta Safflower Growers Association

phone icon 403-381-5118
Alberta Safflower Growers Association office located in Lethbridge Alberta. New phone number is 403-381-5118. 941Views
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Alberta Sugar Beet Growers

phone icon 403-223-1110
Alberta Sugar Beet Growers is a farmer organization striving to create an Alberta sugar beet industry that is vibrant, expanding, profitable and producer-driven. 1,031Views
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Alberta Turkey Producers

phone icon (780) 465-5755
Farmer-run organization representing the turkey farmers operating in Alberta. 1,177Views
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Alberta Vegetable Growers (Processing)

phone icon 403-223-4242
Based in Taber, the Alberta Vegetable Growers represent fruits and vegetable growers and processors. 1,207Views
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Alberta Wapiti Products Co-op

phone icon 780-980-7589
Fresh & Frozen Elk Meat, Elk Antler, Elk Hides 1,108Views
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Alberta Wheat Commission

phone icon 403-717-3711
The Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) is a producer-led organization that represents the interests of and serves as the single voice for all of Alberta's wheat producers. 322Views
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Albion Fisheries Ltd.

phone icon 403-235-4531
Albion Fisheries Ltd. supplies a full line of fresh and frozen seafood as well as packaged foods to the food industry in Alberta. 315Views
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All Seasons Mushrooms Inc.

phone icon 403-946-4396
Certified organic mushroom production and marketing of fresh mushrooms in western Canada. 1,393Views
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Alley Kat Brewing Company Ltd.

phone icon 780-436-8922
Beer (Bottled & Kegged) 1,058Views
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Animal Nutrition Association of Canada, Alberta Division

phone icon 403-362-2905
The Alberta Division of ANAC represents 23 livestock feed manufacturers (located in 38 locations), and 51 associate members in the Province of Alberta. 1,057Views
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Archer Daniels Midland

phone icon (780) 875-5554
Crude Canola Oil, Refined Canola Oil, Canola Meal Pellets, Soy Meal Pellets, Canola Meal 1,126Views
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Arctic Chiller Ltd.

phone icon (780) 449-0459
Arctic Chiller is an NSF Certified company with a bottled water facility and offering custom labeling in Sherwood Park, Alberta. 1,039Views
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Artesian Acres Inc.

phone icon 403-782-5075
Cereals, Organic Kamut (Flour, Flakes, Kernels, Pasta) 1,024Views
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Arusha Pet Foods Inc.

phone icon 780-455-3647
Premium Quality Raw Cat & Dog Food (Chicken, Turkey, Llama, Bison, Elk, Beef) 1,224Views
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Association of Alberta Co-op Seed Cleaning Plants Ltd.

phone icon 403-782-8022
Offers coordinating services for the seed plants and makes an important contribution to the crop improvement through the prevention and control of weeds, improving the quality of seed and promoting... 1,428Views
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Athena Donair Distributors Ltd.

phone icon 780-496-9090
Donair Meat (Cooked, Raw, & Halal), Beef, Chicken, Sausages 1,152Views
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Baba Jenny's Ukrainian Foods

phone icon (780) 853-2299
Baba Jenny's Ukrainian Foods such as; cabbage Rolls, borscht, perogies, nalysnyky, perishke, beet relish and pompushky. 1,569Views
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Baby Gourmet Foods Inc.

phone icon 780-800-0414
Baby Food & Toddler Meals 1,050Views
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Baker Boys

phone icon 403-255-4556
The Baker Boys supply a wide variety of baked goods to the grocery store, convenience store, fundraising, and food service industries across Alberta and the rest of Canada. Thaw & Sell (Gourmet... 1,852Views
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Banner Pharmacaps Canada Ltd.

phone icon 403-556-2531
Soft Elastic Gelatin Capsules for Nutritional & Pharmaceutical Industry 489Views
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Bar Al Beef and Bison

phone icon 403-223-0660
Bison Portion Cut Meats & Sausages, Natural Beef & Bison 1,178Views
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Bassano Growers Ltd.

phone icon 403-641-3933
Bassano Growers Ltd. grows and packages vegetables including both fresh and frozen products available from their locations in Bassano and Calgary, Alberta. 329Views
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Beary Berry Honey Inc.

phone icon 780-662-3577
All Natural Fruit Filling Honey, Honey Barbeque Glazes, Honey Vinaigrettes, Honey Chutneys 375Views
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Beck Farms Ltd.

phone icon 403-227-1020
Carrots, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Baby Dill, Beets, Parsnips, Kohlrabi, Brussel Sprouts 556Views
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Bee-Bell Health Bakery

phone icon 780-439-3247
400 Assorted Baked Goods (Made From Scratch, All Natural, No Preservatives) 1,077Views
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Ben's Beef Jerky

phone icon 403-329-4349
Ben's Beef Jerky is a family based business producing Beef Sticks, Sausage, Ham, Pepperoni, Bacon. Their beef jerky is made from 100% Alberta beef. 1,177Views
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Big Bend Market (North)

phone icon 403-342-0991
Big Bend Market is a butcher shop offering fresh local meat including beef, bison, poultry, pork, and lamb. Focused on high quality products supporting local farmers. 1,400Views
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Big Bend Market, South

phone icon 403-341-2344
Big Bend Market South, located in Southpointe Common supplies Alberta with natural, local, healthy meats and fresh cut deli meat. 1,290Views
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Big Mountain Coffee Roasters Ltd.

phone icon 403-244-6864
Big Mountain Coffee Roasters Ltd. is a producer and wholesaler of specialty organic coffee. 391Views
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Big Rock Brewery

phone icon 403-720-3239
Big Rock Brewery is an Alberta based producer of Ale, Lager, Cider, and includes a restaurant on-site. 314Views
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BioNeutra North America Inc.

phone icon 780-466-1481
BioNeutra North America Inc. produces natural products such as specialty fiber for digestive health. 1,209Views
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Birds & Bees - Organic Winery and Meadery

phone icon 780-657-2275
Birds & Bees produces certified organic commercial fruit juices, wine, and mead. 305Views
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Bles-Wold Dairy & Yogurt

phone icon 403-782-3322
Bles-Wold Dairy & Yogurt is a producer and distributor of dairy products based in Lacombe, Alberta. 1,039Views
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Blue Kettle Specialty Foods

phone icon (780) 418-2878
Blue Kettle offers a variety of food products including salsa, chili base, pasta sauce, salad dressings, and vegetarian antipasto. Their products are available at retailers and grocery stores across... 1,010Views
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Blue Rock Minerals 2002 Inc.

phone icon 403-804-4350
Custom Sheep/Cattle Minerals and Premixes, Animal Nutrition Consulting 519Views
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Bob's Custom Cuts

phone icon (780) 826-2627
Bob's Custom Cuts specializes in cutting and processing of beef, buffalo, and beef jerky in Bonnyville, Alberta. 1,482Views
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Boccalino Grotto Fine Foods

phone icon 403-678-6087
Dressing (Swiss, Caesar, Fresh Basil & Garlic), Lemon Pepper, Custom Food Products, Foodservice 1,127Views
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Bon Ton Meat Market

phone icon 403-282-3132
Bon Ton Meat Market is a retail business offering fresh deli meats, meat pies, sausage, hamburger patties. Other products include quality Free Range Poultry, Grain Fed Alberta Lamb, Milk Fed Veal... 1,133Views
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Bowness Bakery

phone icon 403-250-9760
Bowness Bakery Alberta Inc. based in Calgary offers rye & whole grain breads, organic & yeast-free breads, pizza shells, and pretzels. 1,784Views
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Brooks Meat Packers 1995 Ltd.

phone icon 403-362-3228
Fresh Meats, Processed Meats, Custom Killing, Value-Added Processing 1,072Views
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Buns & Roses Organic Wholegrain Bakery

phone icon 780-438-0098
Buns & Roses Organic Wholegrain Bakery specializes in bread, muffins, Gluten free, dairy-free, as well as vegetarian soup and sandwiches. 1,160Views
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Burnbrae Farms Ltd.

phone icon 403-279-1779
Burnbrae Farms is a family owned and operated company that produces and sells eggs to grocery store chains and bakeries. 1,106Views
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Byblos Bakery Ltd.

phone icon 403-250-3711
Byblos Bakery Ltd. is a large bakery that makes and distributes Pita Bread, Bagels, Baklava, Tortilla Wraps, Nan Bread, Pizza Shells, and Paninis. 1,819Views
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Calco of Calgary

phone icon 403-265-1383
Calco is a division of Mabel Foods Inc and a producer of fresh foods, pre cut vegetables, as well as packed frozen foods. Products include dumplings, spring rolls, egg rolls, wonton wraps, fresh-... 345Views
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Calgary Italian Bakery Ltd.

phone icon 403-255-3515
Bread, Buns, Crusty Buns, Pizza, Pastries, English Muffins, Donuts, Bagels, Hearth Breads 1,715Views
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Calmar Bakery

phone icon 780-985-3583
Baked Goods, Christmas Fruit Cake, Danish Almond Rings, Danish Wedding Cake, Poppy Seed Braid, Breads, Smorkage - Kransekage 539Views
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Canada Beef Inc.

phone icon 403-275-5890
Canada Beef Inc. is an organization that represents cattle producers and utilizes their collective resources to market the Canadian beef industry to the rest of the world. 346Views
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Canada Bread Frozen Bakery Ltd.

phone icon 403-203-1675
Canada Bread Frozen Bakery Ltd based in Calgary provides wholesale bread for Maple Leaf Foods. 1,723Views
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Canada Malting Co. Limited

phone icon 403-571-7000
Malt, Feed By-Products 1,012Views
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Canadian Agri-Blend Inc.

phone icon 780-939-3800
Livestock Supplement Blocks, Vitamins, Mineral Premixes - Micro & Macro, Milk Replacers, Specialty Supplements for Ratites, Elk, Deer, Llamas, Alpacas 388Views
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Canadian Cattlemen's Association

phone icon 403-275-8558
Canadian Cattlemen's Association supports and advocates for proper market access and trade regulations, animal care, and marketing. 1,170Views
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Canadian Nurs-Ette Distributors Ltd.

phone icon (780) 672-4757
Canadian Nurs-Ette Logo
Canadian Nurs-Ette Distributors manufacturers milk replacers and milk-based cold processed pellets for livestock. 1,337Views
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Canadian Oats Milling

phone icon (780) 973-9101
Canadian Oats Milling Ltd offers natural oat flakes, steelcut groats & chips for human consumption. 993Views
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Cantran Meat Ltd.

phone icon 403-533-2277
Fresh Meats, Processed Meats, Fresh Pork 983Views
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Capital Packers Inc.

phone icon (780) 476-1391
Capital Packers is a Smoked and Cooked Meats provider located in Edmonton and provide products to major retailers like Safeway, Sobeys, Extra Foods, and Freson Bros. 350Views
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Cargill Animal Nutrition

phone icon (780) 672-9191
Cargill Animal Nutrition produces livestock Feeds and animal supplements. 1,145Views
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Cargill Foods

phone icon 403-652-4688
Meat processing and rendering for the production of animal nutrition and livestock feed. 1,110Views
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Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison

phone icon 403-215-2320
Bison Meat 959Views
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Cattle Boyz Foods Ltd.

phone icon 403-995-2279
Barbeque Sauce, Seasoning Spice, Accessories 919Views
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Cazuelitas Inc.

phone icon 403-400-6228
Latin Frozen Entrees & Frozen Side Dishes (Empanadas, Arepas, Tequenos) 1,100Views
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CB Constantini Ltd.

phone icon 403-320-0006
Feed Ingredients & Agricultural Commodities (Conventional & Certified Organic) 1,006Views
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Centennial Foodservice

phone icon 403-214-0044
Specialty Meat Products (Portion Control), Ground Beef, Lamb, Veal, Pre-Cooked Battered & Breaded Products, Hamburger Patties (Raw or Pre-Cooked), Protein Products, Foodservice 992Views
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Champion Feed Services (Westlock)

phone icon (780) 349-5886
Champion Feed Services Ltd. (Westlock) offers a wide variety of live stock feed as well as other agricultural products. Supplements, complete Livestock Feeds, Micro & Macro Premixes, Minerals... 1,598Views
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Champion Feed Services Ltd.

phone icon (780) 532-3151
Supplements, Complete Feeds, Micro & Macro Premixes, Minerals & Salts (For All Types Of Livestock), Molasses Blocks 1,000Views
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Champion Petfoods LP

phone icon 780-784-0300
Extruded Dry Petfoods (Dog, Cat) 1,105Views
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Chin Ridge Seeds Ltd.

phone icon 403-223-3900
Wild & Companion Bird Feed Products, Raw Ingredients (Millet, Sunflower, Canaryseed), Pedigreed Cereal, Special Crop Seeds, Human Consumption Sunflowers 1,054Views
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Chinook Honey Company Ltd.

phone icon 403-995-0830
Packaged Honey, Honey Mead (Jam, Jellies, Syrups), Mead Honey Wine, Mead Vinegar 1,010Views
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Clear Lake Enterprizes

phone icon 403-625-2505
Spring & Purified Water, Custom Bottling, Bulk Water, Distilled Water 937Views
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Clover Leaf Cheese Ltd.

phone icon 403-250-3780
Cheese (Packaging, Shredding, Grating, Gas Flushing), Retail & Foodservice 1,090Views
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Co-op Feeds

phone icon 403-531-6656
Co-op Feeds processes and distributes livestock feed, supplements, minerals, premixes, and animal health products through Co-op Ag centers across the province of Alberta. 1,506Views
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Co-op Feeds Ltd.

phone icon 780-472-6767
Livestock Feeds, Poultry Feeds, Pet Food 1,040Views
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Coaldale Bakery

phone icon 403-345-3322
Bread, Buns, Pastry, Cakes, Sandwiches 353Views
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Coco Karamel Inc.

phone icon 403-990-3634
Alfajores, Cake Toppers 966Views
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Columbia Seed Company Ltd.

phone icon 403-654-2158
Pea Seed, Edible Marrowfats, Beans, Chickpeas, Peas (Yellow, Green), Lentils 364Views
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Copper Pot Creations Inc.

phone icon 403-585-4717
Gluten-Free & Allergen-Free Frozen Entrees 1,063Views
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Cott Beverages Canada, div. of Cott Corporation

phone icon 403-279-6677
Canned & Bottled Soft Drinks, Spring Water, Energy Drinks, Sparkling Fruit Juices, Non-Alcoholic Beverages 932Views
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Country Candy

phone icon (780) 837-8339
Chocolates, Candy (Made With Honey) 610Views
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Country Junction Feeds

phone icon (780) 352-9155
Country Junction Feeds Logo
Country Junction Feeds was created as a division of Wetaskiwin Co-operative Association Ltd. They specialize in livestock feed, animal nutrition, and certified organic products. 162Views
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Country Mom Foods Ltd.

phone icon 780-431-1334
Stuffing, Dressing Rolls (Beef, Pork, Chicken, Turkey, Vegetarian), Sausage Rolls, Omelet Wellingtons, Gourmet Stuffing (Beef & Pork, Turkey, Chicken), Calzones (Ham & Cheese, Pepperoni... 1,072Views
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Courtland Hill Farms Ltd.

phone icon 403-545-6530
Courtland Hill Farms Ltd. is a potato and vegetable growing operation near Bow Island, Alberta. 1,143Views
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Crust Craft Inc.

phone icon 780-466-1333
Whole Grain Breads, Pizzas, Par-Baked Pizza Crusts, Foccacia Breads & Dough Balls, Frozen Dough, Naan Bread, Dinner Rolls, Custom Bake & Co-Packing Services 1,090Views
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Crystal Springs Cheese

phone icon 403-308-1455
Feta, Goat & Sheep Cheese, Gouda (Spice) Cow Feta, Chevre 418Views
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Custom Woolen Mills Ltd.

phone icon 403-337-2221
Comforters, Mattress Pads, Sleeping Bags, Batting, Yarns, Socks, Handcrafting Wools, Wool Housing Insulation, Alpaca & Llama Mohair, Custom Services, Other Exotic Fibre Processing 383Views
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Cypress F&B Holdings Ltd.

phone icon (780) 463-8882
Cypress F&B Holdings produces and distributes instant noodles across Canada. 391Views
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Dale Thacker Specialty Crops

phone icon 403-545-6122
Dale Thacker Specialty Crops (DTSSC) is a farm and processing facility that produces Spearmint, Peppermint & Dill Oils (Kosher Certified), Cereal Grains, Pulse Crops & Oilseeds (Hybrid &... 1,019Views
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De Fazio Gourmet

phone icon 780-452-8960
Artisan Biscotti, Soft Biscotti Fruit & Nut Bar, Almond Bark, Chocolate Covered Almonds, Coffee Beans, Gift Items 1,003Views
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Decadent Desserts

phone icon 403-245-5535
Gourmet Cakes, Cheesecakes, Pies, Cookies, Wedding Cakes 983Views
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Dehnamar Inc. (Honey Spice)

phone icon (780) 378-2897
Dehnamar Inc makes Honey Spice, an African drink made in Alberta with 100% Pure Canadian Honey. Produce locally at their Canadian Food Industry Approved facility in St Albert. 1,066Views
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Diabetic Depot

phone icon 403-240-4486
Cookies (Various, Love Bites Sugar Cookies), Nanaimo Bars, Pasta, Muffins (Various), Brownies, Cheesecakes (Various), Cakes (White, Chocolate, Carrot, Spice, Coffee), Butter Tarts 989Views
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Dpb Baking Company

phone icon 403-777-1221
Cookies, Scones, Dessert Bars, Cakes, Loaf Cakes, Muffins 1,090Views
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Earth Tea Inc.

phone icon 780-604-8678
Fair Trade Organic Herbal Tea (Grown & Packaged in Alberta), Flavors (Wild Mint, Chamomile, Raspberry Leaf, Stinging Nettle, Herbal Blend) 1,054Views
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East-Man Feeds (EMF)

phone icon 403-342-5110
East-man feeds (EMF) provides livestock feed, mineral, proteins and base mixes. 1,227Views
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Easyford Meats

phone icon 780-479-1714
Sausage, Hams, Bacon, Headcheese, Fresh Meats 1,050Views
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Edmonton Custom Packers Ltd.

phone icon 780-478-4761
Fresh & Processed Meats, European Sausage, Slaughter, European Deli, Cutting & Wrapping (Processing), Sides of Beef, Sides of Pork 1,016Views
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Edmonton Potato Growers

phone icon 780-447-1860
Edmonton Potato Growers Logo
Edmonton Potato Growers 1971 Ltd. sales, marketing, greenhouse, washing, packing, and distribution of fresh and seed potatoes. 1,299Views
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Egg Farmers of Alberta

phone icon 403-250-1197
Organization (Regulatory Board) 287Views
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Eiserman Meats

phone icon (780) 849-5507
Eiserman Meats is a family owned butcher shop serving Slave Lake and area. Products include smoked sausage, beef jerky, fresh deli meats, seafood, fish, and wild game processing. 1,099Views
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El Dorado Vegetable Farms Ltd.

phone icon 403-548-6671
El Dorado Vegetable Farms Ltd. grows corn, cabbage, rutabagas, beans, green onions, radishes in Redcliff, Alberta. 685Views
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El Molino Foods of Canada Ltd.

phone icon 403-625-5499
Italian & Mexican Foods, Tortilla Chips, Salsa, Sauces, Corn & Flour Tortillas, Cabbage Rolls, Quesadillas, Burritos 1,186Views
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Engel's Bakeries Ltd.

phone icon 403-250-9560
Baked Goods, Frozen (Ready to Bake) Products, Danish, Muffins, Sausage Rolls, Cakes, Bread, Specialty Bread, Buns, and Rolls. 1,931Views
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Fabko Food Ltd.

phone icon (780) 471-1758
Cooked Ground Beef 199Views
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Fairview Bakery 1987 Ltd.

phone icon 403-279-6505
Rolls (Spicy Polish Sausage, Chicken, Vegetarian), Quiches, Puff Pastry, Meat Pies, Oatmeal Turnover Cookies, Croissants, Danish Strudel, Cheese Sticks (Pepperoni, Polish Sausage), Breakfast Bundles... 1,803Views
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Fairwinds Farm Ltd.

phone icon 403-553-0127
Goat Milk, Goat Milk Yogurt (Vanilla, Black Currant, Saskatoon, Raspberry, Strawberry, Apricot, Mango), Goat Cheese (Chevre, Natural, Peppercorn, Red Pepper Onion & Garlic, Chives, Herb, Feta,... 315Views
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Family Meats 2011 Ltd.

phone icon 403-783-6328
Fresh & Processed Meats, Red Meat Slaughter, Custom Slaughtering, Sausage Making, Wholesale Meats 1,016Views
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Field Stone Fruit Wines

phone icon 403-934-2749
Field Stone Fruit Wines is an Alberta based winery offering the following products: Fruit Wine (Bumbleberry, Cherry, Raspberry, Strawberry-Rhubarb, Black Currant), Dessert Wine (Raspberry, Saskatoon... 1,022Views
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phone icon 780-413-0334
Pie Dough, Chocolate Cake Mix, Brownie Mix, Pie Fillings, Muffin Mix, Soup 1,036Views
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Flora Beverage Co. Ltd.

phone icon 403-236-0155
Stomach Bitters, Herbal Extracts, Herbal Tonics, Herbal Beverages, Custom Blending, Custom Manufacturing (GMP Approved) 987Views
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Foothills Creamery Ltd.

phone icon 403-263-7725
Ice Cream, Cones, Frozen Yogurt, Butter 1,065Views
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Foothills Custom Meat Processors Ltd.

phone icon 403-652-2204
Licensed and inspected, custom meat processing facility for custom slaughter and fresh meat products. Foothills Custom Meats provides retail services selling steaks, roasts, patties, and sausages. 1,054Views
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Fratello Coffee Co. Ltd.

phone icon 403-265-2112
Fratello Coffee Roasters produces specialty coffee, syrups, granita, chocolate, and teas in Alberta, Canada. 985Views
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Fresh Direct Foods (2010) Ltd.

phone icon 403-508-6868
Fresh, Peeled Vegetables & Fruit (Custom Cuts & Mixes) 938Views
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Friesen Livestock Ltd.

phone icon 403-526-0909
Friesen Livestock Ltd. manufacturers and distributes swine premixes, vitamins, minerals and supplements in Western Canada. 821Views
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From The Earth Naturally Ltd.

phone icon (780) 418-0948
Specializes in bulk herbs, herbal supplements, and a product called Vivaca® to help women with the symptoms caused by menopause. Founded by Anita Dyrbye in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. 1,042Views
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Generations Packaging & Distribution Inc.

phone icon 780-967-6868
Generations Packaging & Distribution Inc. provides custom packaging services for powders, liquids, bottles, jars, and flexible bags. 1,208Views
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Genghis Foods

phone icon 780-905-3866
Green Onion Cake, Buns (BBQ Pork, BBQ Beef, Grill Chicken), Sticky Rice Lotus Leaf 1,047Views
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Get Sauced & Spiced Inc.

phone icon 780-462-2418
Get Sauced & Spiced specializes in private labeled seasonings, sauces, dips, and dressings. 1,402Views
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Gold Top Manufacturing & Distribution Ltd.

phone icon (780) 963-2063
Gold Top Manufacturing & Distribution Ltd produces oils, flax seed, hemp seed, and other natural products. 1,159Views
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Golden Acres Honey Products Ltd.

phone icon 403-443-7705
Liquid & Creamed, Natural & Organic Honey 404Views
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Golden Happiness Bakery Ltd.

phone icon 403-263-4882
Golden Happiness Bakery Ltd. is a Calgary bakery that provides Asian specialty products. 1,115Views
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Gonard Foods Ltd.

phone icon 403-277-0991
Chicken Products, Fresh & Frozen Poultry, Beef, Lamb, Pork Bites 1,214Views
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Gouw Quality Onions Ltd.

phone icon 403-223-1440
Cooking Onions, Pumpkins 1,195Views
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Gramma Bear's Home Baking

phone icon (780) 389-2103
Gramma Bear's Home Baking including bread, buns, oven ready pies, tarts, cookies, muffins and a variety of whole grain and whole wheat products. 1,188Views
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Grande Prairie Bison Co.

phone icon 403-233-9393
Bison 923Views
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Grande Prairie Feed Service Ltd.

phone icon (780) 532-4888
Grande Prairie Feed Service produces livestock feed for cattle, horses, chickens, and pigs. 972Views
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Green Prairie International Inc.

phone icon 403-327-9941
Green Prairie International is a wholesale supplier of quality forage products; Alfalfa, Timothy, Straw, (Jumbo Bales, Mini Bales, Pellets). 820Views
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Greidanus Honey Mill

phone icon 403-652-7647
Production of unprocessed honey, beeswax, pollen, and candles. Located 6km west of the High River Overpass on Highway 23 West. 1,331Views
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H & M Meats Inc.

phone icon (780) 532-2811
H & M Meats Inc. is a butcher shop offering fresh meats, curing, sausage, jerky, and red meat slaughter. 1,147Views
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phone icon 780-474-4989
Halford's sells animal and trapping supplies, food processing equipment, as well as leather, furs, and crafting supplies. 1,210Views
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Hamel's Meats

phone icon (780) 826-3081
Hamel's offers a wide range of variety packs of meat including sausages, ham, bacon, beef jerky, chicken, lamb, veal, and fish. They also provide custom sausage making and frozen meat products. 1,274Views
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Harlan Bakeries Edmonton LP

phone icon (780) 464-1544
Harlan Bakeries produces frozen tart shells, pie shells, and pie tops from their facility in Sherwood Park, Alberta. 1,117Views
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Heart Valley Meat Processors

phone icon (780) 694-2776
Heart Valley Meat Processors is a custom slaughter house for domestic animals (Bison, Beef, Pork, Lamb) as well as wild game processing. 1,072Views
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Heritage Frozen Foods Ltd.

phone icon 780-454-7383
Frozen Food, Perogies, Empanadas, Home Meal Replacement Items 1,024Views
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Hi Pro Feeds, LP

phone icon 1-877-864-6537
Custom Blending, Free Choice & Direct Fed Mineral, Vitamin & Protein Blends (Farm Animals), Natural Ingredient Blend Supplement (Multiple Species) 1,060Views
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Hi Pro Feeds, LP

phone icon 403-938-8374
Hi Pro Feeds specializes in animal feed products. 1,008Views
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